Some good fruit for health

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1. Mango

Your best friend with mangoes?
Mango fruit is very good for health. Mango fruit is a fruit that has a very delicious taste.
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The content of substances contained in mango is a substance that can help maintain the health of our human body. If you experience damage to the eyes, you can consume mango. consuming mango also increases your weight if you consume it excessively for the body. Therefore, maintaining eye health is a must for you. With Vitamin A, mangoes are believed to help maintain eye health and can also increase your weight. If you don't, you try to consume it. Mango fruit is good for your health.


If you consume excessive mangoes can increase your weight then you can consume Tamarind is a good food to lose your weight.
(picture of tamarind)

If you consume acid regularly can launch the digestive system and if you have a cold drink a cup of acidic water as a natural remedy. Because tamarind can treat your flu.


Rambutan has a sweet taste and it is the natural sweetness of the fruit. Now in Indonesia again the season is the fruit of rambutan. Rambutan fruit in this year can be seen anywhere because for now especially Indonesia is again season rambutan fruit. The taste is very fresh, sweet, and the price also cheap.
(picture of rambutan)

If you experience dizziness due to the heat of the sun you can consume rambutan fruit. Because rambutan can help relieve your dizziness.

good luck!
the three types of fruit above are different fruits and aging.
Mango fruit is good for your eyes and can also increase your weight
tamarind is good for losing your weight and can also improve your digestion.
nice hair to relieve your dizziness.

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