Introduce Myself and a Short Introduction to Self-Esteem

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Hello steemian friend, I want to introduce myself.

Rina Ikhwani

My name is @yinaoli I live in Syamtalira Bayu, Regency Aceh Utara. I am alumni Campus Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic.

I am a Bachelor on the campus.

For me Self-Esteem is needed.

Look down:
I'll explain what it is Self-Esteem.

Self-esteem things are different for different people.

Even among psychotherapists, there is no universal definition of self-worth.

The personal definition of my self-esteem is that I like to be a record as a proof of myself and nature of myself. By "self-esteem," I mean more innate self-esteem that may be a human birthright - which psychotherapists and teachers like to try to fan on the people who work with it.

The spark is just an anteroom for self-esteem.
My self-esteem, manifest, is our consciousness equal to the obstacles that exist in our future.

Self-esteem is a belief in our ability to think, confident in our ability to overcome the basic challenges of life, and confidence in our right to be successful and happy people. People with an appropriate level of self-esteem believe in the rights they feel worthy, enjoy the results of their efforts, and their needs and their own desires.

Although there are fewer people, self-worth is not just a luxury - it is a necessity of our own.

Need is something we need to function effectively. We do not just want food and water to drink, which we need; Without them, we will die.

At the same time, we have other nutritional needs (such as calcium and oxygen needs) with dramatic impact on our lives.

In some areas of Aceh, the soil does not contain calcium; the inhabitants of this area do not perish openly, but their growth is severely hampered, but in general they are weak and they prey on many diseases where calcium deficiency makes them very susceptible to disease.They are disturbed in their learning abilities.

Self esteem is a necessity analogous to calcium, not food or drinking water.

Since it does not reach a serious level, we will not die, but we are disturbed in our ability to serve. We may not need pride to survive, but we need it to develop in the future (Future).

I say that self-esteem is a necessity why I say it that it makes an important contribution to our life processes. It is indispensable for normal and healthy development. It has a high survival value.

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Great! welcome @yinaoli.
Nice to get you here.

you look like a angel