The uniqueness found in dragonflies

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Sibar-sibar is one of the animals that are often encountered in the human environment. In fact we are often found in certain places such as parks or around the house and it is often found in standing water in a small capacity. In addition to the locations mentioned earlier, dragonflies can also live in the wild such as forests, swamps, rivers and other locations where there are lots of leaves.

It also comes from species such as butterflies and bees and the process of occurrence is also almost like the insects mentioned above. Likewise with dragonflies, he experienced metamorphosis in his lifetime.

However, there are differences such as butterfly insects undergoing perfect metamorphosis, whereas dragonflies do not, or only experience imperfect metamorphosis, however they are classified into this matter.

The process of occurrence begins with the egg then becomes larvae and eventually becomes an adult dragonfly that can fly beautifully, while in the cocoon stage the dragonfly does not experience it, thus the process of occurrence is referred to as imperfect metamorphosis.

Like other insect species apparently sibar-sibar also has a unique character, so that if we observe his life then there is something unique that makes us amazed in evaluating it.

1. Said to be an ancient animal

In one study said that dragonflies are one of the ancient insects, they have existed on earth since 300 million years ago. This is evidenced by the discovery of the largest dragonfly fossil ever found on earth which has a wingspan of more than 3 meters, then based on this finding it was concluded by experts that its presence on earth has been long, when compared with other animals. So its existence in this world is mentioned as an animal of the past, and it has been evaluated hundreds of times so that its body changes.

2. Really like to live on water

As you have read above, these dragonflies are very often seen above the water surface either in a river or where there is a pool of water, or may often see a dragonfly above the water surface. Maybe you also saw it? So it has become a habit because on the surface of the water dragonflies put their eggs which will then hatch into larvae until they turn into small dragonflies. When they lay their eggs on the surface of the water, he also often watches over the area or area like the surface of the water so that we often encounter two dragonflies fighting with each other to fight over their respective territories.

3. Great predator

If you look physically very beautiful and charming it turns out he is one of the accomplished predators, although it looks very beautiful, dragonflies are actually vicious insects and can be declared as great hunters. This has been true since hatching from eggs, from baby dragonflies they are used to being called carnivores who like to eat other animals around them.

While still larvae, they eat plankton, small fish, and other larvae.

Their bodies will develop even more when their wings begin to develop or young dragonflies have special body parts around their heads that act as sticks to make it easier to catch small fish or other larvae that surround their environment.

Such behavior will continue until adulthood. Then as an adult he will become a natural predator of mosquitoes, so that a large population of dragonflies can be an effective controller in controlling the spread of mosquitoes in a place. Maybe you can notice that if there is a lot of dragonflies in an area, the mosquitoes will decrease because myamuk itself is a favorite food of dragonflies.

It's unique to dragonflies and more, other unique things found in dragonflies. Thus and thank you.

TopikThe uniqueness found in dragonflies
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