Flowers that are rich in benefits

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Seeing this one flower, of course everyone will know that the flowers contained in this post are one of the many types of sunflowers. He is widely known in every country because he has a unique stature that is very different from other flower plants.

Said to be unique because it has a form that is far different from every flower in the world, its characteristics are really very different from other ornamental plants.

The shape of the flowers is very similar to the sun so it is suitable to be named as such. Sometimes kids, each drawing of the sun will definitely remember a very similar sunflower, the shape is round like the sun there is a flower border that grows around the middle petals very similar to the sun that shines brightly.

The experts classify it as Helianthus annuus L, which is very famous for its devotees, according to the experts' experience that this flower is very easy to care for and will grow on its own as long as it is always watered routinely and its growth location must have a direct impact on sun exposure.

This ornamental plant is everywhere, even in every country there is this one flower, while the origin of this flower is thought to originate from Mexico and has spread to various parts of the world to Indonesia. Ornamental plant growers say that there are two species of sunflower, namely species for decorating plants or room decoration and other types, and the other can be consumed.

The species consumed can be processed into oil, kwaci and other food that has been consumed for hundreds of years ago. While the size of this sunflower plant is very large, while the color is light yellow, with a large flower head when measured to have a diameter and can reach 30 cm and sometimes more.

Quoted from one of the books entitled Group of ornamental plants published in 2009, said that, sunflower plants are ornamental plants with compound flowers that are composed of hundreds to thousands of small flowers in the sunflower hump. There is one special peculiarity in his possession that he has a special behavior that is rarely possessed by every flower because this one flower always faces the sun or experts term it as heliotropism. If in the morning, the flower petals toward the sun that is rising as well as in the afternoon he will also face his face towards the setting sun.

As you have read above, there are sunflower species that can be consumed because most of the skin of sunflower seeds is made from the fiber of the food it contains, so if someone is good at processing it will add economic value to the community. Not only that, but it might even be used as fuel if one knows how to process it to make it as fuel.

Continued to part 2....

ThemesFlowers that are rich in benefits
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