Sad Day for USA — Fear & Hatred Win as Muslim Ban is Upheld by Supreme Court

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"The majority here completely sets aside the President's charged statements about Muslims as irrelevant. That holding erodes the foundational principles of religious tolerance that the court elsewhere has so emphatically protected..."

— Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court


Sad day for the USA... After two mean-spirited and short-sighted attempts to ban travel (aka immigration) from predominantly Muslim countries —Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen— as well as numerous protests by people of conscience, the Supreme Court still decided to uphold Trump's xenophobic, Islamophobic ban saying that it is "squarely within" his authority.

Typically, Trump's response to this un-American verdict is an inappropriate tweet ending with the word: wow. Wow, indeed, that the “highest court in the land” should legalize such a shameful, morally-bankrupt decision, suggesting that it isn't a ban on Muslims when, in fact, the unsubtle and white-supremacist president himself confessed it was.

Pity that the so-called land of the free and home of the brave should endorse such unapologetically discriminatory laws. Being a dual citizen of the US and Egypt, as well as an immigrant and Muslim living at this unfortunate historical moment, I see all too clearly how culturally diminished and spiritually impoverished we become when we close our doors to the world and our hearts to Others.

So, it is bitterly disappointing to see fear and hate institutionalized, with naked bigotry triumphing over compassion and tolerance. What's wrong with us, when people of faith, or children of immigrants and persecuted communities can turn right around and shun others desperately in need of their help? Hoping against hope that we wake up before it's too late... Below, a poem of mine on Soundcloud addressing this sorry state of affairs:

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Speaking American

I’m learning to speak American
(I thought I had it, ages ago)
but the dialects throw me off
each like a language in itself

There’s the official tongue:
addressed to the better angels
of our nature, the huddled masses
all yearning to breathe free

But no one speaks such Shakespearean English
in the streets, there you are treated
to a more familiar manner of speech
the unguarded snarl known as slang

Unlike that poetic flourish on its tiptoes,
this dialect is flat-footed and suspicious
of the very tired and poor that it invites
preferring the right to bear arms in bars

Stray violence or casual hate of shifting shapes:
racial slur, ethnic insult or what specialists term
linguistic xenophobia…
you fill in the blanks, I’d rather not

I’m learning this fickle colossus
and the Big Friendly Giant are one
so, if you want to run with either
best to watch both don’t squash you

Having made a show of separating
church and state, they still Bless you
at every turn, but will also curse you
if you do not bless their troops, in return.

©Yahia Lababidi

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As a type of antidote to the currently rampant anger /ignorance surrounding Muslims, I also offer this review I wrote of a new book that features the mystical dimension of Islam, and restores Love as the central principle of the faith:

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Thank you, for the notice, but @arabsteem encouraged me to use this tag, as this post refers to the travel ban which affects Arab & Muslim countries.

Maybe next he will put a travel ban on toddlers, as they have killed more Americans than Muslims just this year alone.



Crazy state of affairs, Cg, it almost beggars belief...

Emboldened by a sense of affinity, I invite you to read My Attempt at Activism, as an Arab-American, Muslim & Artist

Every time I see something like this I think that 'their' agenda is surely to divide and conquer. I have to admit that I became a political atheist in recent years, I was disgusted with the presidential debates, and after awhile I couldn't see it as anything but a circus, a performance. I watched friendships fall apart during the aftermath of the election, facebook became a place of hatred and anger to the point that I didn't set foot in it for months. I was fortunately able to help mend a few of those friendships afterward, but there is still a lot of hurt.
I've said this before, and I'll say it again, it is bewildering that we haven't evolved past such pettiness. My seventeen year old daughter said it perfectly the other day "Mom, I don't get it- aren't we all just people?? Are we living in the dark ages? How is there still such a divide between race, culture and religion?"

I sincerely hope that her sentiment is echoing that of her generation.


Thank you, my friend, for this sane and compassionate comment. I, too, hope your daughter and the new generation save us from ourselves.

I know, too, what you mean about becoming a political atheist and losing friends and even family over this nonsense. This was my experience over the Egyptian Revolution and, to some extent, Trump.

As the Bible says:

If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand.

Corrupt leaders, worldwide, know this truth all to well and manipulate it. May we wise up and not continue to fall for their dirty tricks...




beautifully said @dreemit, and your daughter's words say it all. I can so easily envision a world where everyone sees each other as humans and find this current reality so hard to comprehend!


Thank you :) Oh, I can too, it is truly bewildering at times. One of my theories, the one I prefer, is that some of us have just lived more life times than others, many more perhaps, and that's why they haven't evolved. It helps to think this way, well helps me not to judge them too harshly anyway.

Indeed a very sad day for USA. Linking terrorisim with relgion and area is not a wise option. Infact it creates hate and fears among the people. It's not only a sad day for people of USA who are democratic but also sad days for the humanity. Religion doesn't teach you terrorisim there is a need to understand the difference b/w religion and terrorisim. I am not a supporter of terrorisim they should be dealt with iron hands. But if you do things in this way it will create only haters society. Let's hope for the best @yahialababidi


It's regrettable to see how many have bought into the fear/hatred propaganda and is worth repeating that the vast majority of victims of terrorism are, in fact, moderate Muslims. Heaven help us, all!

Indeed my friend, sad sad day !
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مما يتيح لك الحصول على تصويت مربح بحوالي 2.5 اضعاف :)


Thank you, for your support _/|\_

I agree with the decision of the Supreme court here. The majority statement even cautions this power to be used with care. The Supreme court is not agreeing with Trump's actions, only confirming he has the power to do it. Justice Roberts in the majority opinion wrote,

It is an urgent necessity, that such officials adhere to “constitutional guarantees and mandates in all their actions, even in the sphere of foreign affairs. An anxious world must know that our Government remains committed always to the liberties the Constitution seeks to preserve and protect.


I sometimes collect interesting quotes to make a post on their basis. I think that this will be one of them.


Maybe I'll include this part in my post, which I periodically compile on the basis of studying blogs.

Pity that the so-called *land of the free and home of the brave* should endorse such unapologetically discriminatory laws

It is not death or pain that is to be dreaded, but the fear of pain or death. Epictetus

You have used here so appropriate photo. Thanks for sharing a nice post.