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This week vacation to write as read author Kyaw Win, a new Lost Generation (second) in the book navigation ဆိုလိုက်ပါတယ်.

The author Kyaw Win ဖြတ်သန်းခဲ့တဲ့ Exhibit 0 objects found long time to write a biography. August 2017 ထွက်ခဲ့တဲ့ this novel, first in 1968, consisting of up to 1976 waves (1968-1971), net (1971-1974), quiet Rather than call (1974-1976) wrote about rooms. The second movement section နရသိန် corners (1) of the Mandalay Palace (1976-1979), (1979-1982) and နရသိန် (2) 0 Room (1982-1984) was involved.
Before until the author seems to prisons far from an author to see 'and' 0 Room. Especially in the most democratic lost Dark Age means prison. Author exactly three times in a lifetime '' Meditation Center 0 after this section (including twice in the second half). Mandalay prison for the first time. 'Bo'. There are corners of the court's time. At the time of the fight outside Shein and Once the club (of opportunity) was still left, and Human kindness and a sense of human kindness almost see some. Yet, after this period. The writer လွတ်ခါနီး thousands of chickens Sein Htay 'model prison' rights in the days of a lost bird lost lost, as well as a 'model prison' floor.
Insein prison for the second time. Many outside heat, The hotels 'Club (f)' also have heard of the legend, There is no democracy him drunk ရှူစရာ times, hard times, what happened in the prison of it changed into a '0' happens. See the narrow prison. Oppressors and oppressed. Because there are players who think he was daring. With his understanding of repression and to ensure they have been popularized. If the writer's experience, as well as most of the 'dark world' interrogation, Heritage in the office There is a prison are 'wise' (cunning, equal love, ever loyal breed Julie Reyes meaning it is open).
Similarly နရသိန် (2) 0 Room in Burma as a member of the Communist underground from being caught by the military still stridently screams suddenly awoke. If a straight shot. Entice him a gun and Sergeant gap ironically.

'Branches, ... ... who would rule the country ... ''

When he turned to the left all his comrades on the ground. Soldiers with guns.

'' Test, Test '

Apart draw harsh thud heard. He seems to be someone pulling jolt. How to know how to become standing.

'Hands off, Multiplied by the hand ''

I know I'm right. Hands times was confined.

'' Go, Line ... ''
Someone push him away again. I consider the back of his notice of the gun muzzle.

I fled, '' a statement ''

Scold someone, Roaring .....

Would you run 'run'. One bullet a corner on all four ''

The sound of the roaring time as resistant. Saw Saw is speaking ironically one of camp will be a great tight sound.

'Go, Quickly change the screw on the back of his gun and build again. He caught go back up to the east. I looked up to him Tun Aung, Now with the advent of a regular visitor 0 .... They all practice times The heads are put down. Behind them, the head of the enemy Force sergeant soldiers ... '.

The writers in this book about his father 0 0 objects compose already read, he did not get bored Continental Rapid will face the hand and taken to the next. As mentioned in the previous ထွက်ခဲ့တဲ့ first 7Day Daily now I think I will continue to show. In addition, the last section of the future continue to sell out shows there.

The book value of the second half, you can purchase a large 8,000 kyat bookstore 0.


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