militant hands together ...

in #esteem6 years ago

Child child's father about the Earth
The children were not even born when oil
Dad wrote ...
The child was not allowed to survive
ဟော့ဒီ people of Earth.
You get the baby to survive on Earth,
My eyes open at Knight patch those binoculars.
My brain attack at those who put pen knife ...
Your heart attack at grenades were replaced ...
Applies to people too afraid to ... ...

You get the baby to survive on Earth,
They cut trees and Air Conditioning industry thousand ...
Rivers and land to build the dam ...
Poison the atmosphere and release oxygen Payment ....
... applies to very good to laugh.
You get the baby to survive on Earth,
Planting flowers and peace to those who are poor and bullets ...
Plowing those who hunger လယ်သိမ်း raw 0 ...
After the Peace Bonds were militant hands together ...
Applies to people too poor ...

You get the baby to survive on Earth,
And with it's value rose more value for less money
Children's declared high demand for better drugs for rare and innate data
Family values ​​are lost and grow more selfish mind
An increase in the orphanage and nursing home are also each other's ....
Baby ...
People green trees dry
Powered by a strong people ည့်
Just clean the contamination of people ..
You get the baby to survive on Earth, ....

Shelf color
Classes with a notch
Ledge deep racial divide
Ledge deep religious divide
No sub own motives and beliefs
The ledge is often true
Tents you want to separate the parts of the world even there yet ...

Baby laugh ...
A son or daughter, or
No man on Earth, when
... God's will.

ဟော့ဒီ exit to escape from the catastrophe of the world because
My baby ..
Unfortunately luck
Dad ... I do not want to do black ကဗ္
Building maintenance.
If there is a world of love and peace after a
If truth and had a green world
Family sentiment and rounded to the next if there is a world of
I felt a mother, father, glitter balls to overflow if there is a world ..
This will allow ..
Father, father and son met said I wish Dad.


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