good will have no ability.

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  • If any fall evil unless the loss of the evil that he could avoid the risk of coming.

  • I do not know if he is a good reward if there is good will have no ability to obtain benefits.

  • If any pair is if he is without sin, he will be bold.

  • If there are those who sin, he will be afraid of people.

  • Avoid mindless ones. Stay away from him. Keep them at a distance. Why were mindless people are destroying many intelligent ones.

  • If he will arrive today or tomorrow due to his death, like the death and suffering that you do not arrive strategy.

  • Is not something good if he's not known if the future profit will be far different.

  • If any person in his wake and help take care to keep users and not feel that way.

  • If any trouble yet he was deemed that the same difficulties will be preoccupied with Allah.

  • But if he just do not know the value of any other he said, I do not know the value. (No value for himself, he said, not value)

  • If he did well not straight if slamming you can go straight to treat.

  • ဒွန္ delight in the presence of the (world) ရသ် (properly metaphysical) ဒီလိုရှိတယ်.
    Another if a person has a wife and two happy not happy.

  • If you are a "Khalid" (Creator) for fear it would mean that "half" Khalid half run without oil. (Here the child is afraid of his father and mother like that fear, like fear of the disciples, serving အထက်အရာရှိကို pride and fear - akin to fear with respect to communications.)

  • "မခ် Lu made the pigs" () "If you are getting worried မခ် rolling pig" to run away from oil. (Here is worried that violence will suffer abuse, bully will
    Means the dangers)

  • The quality of the people on his lips. (On actions)

  • Never conveyance tripping pretty.

  • Forgiveness is the best revenge.

  • On its good relations with no credibility. The reason to do so, and no matter how hot the fire. That is enough to kill a cease fire.

  • Rebuked before the people in a sense, the only one to blame.

  • 0 sin committed by the best lawyer.

  • In a lot of enemies.

  • Plenty of friends that no matter how small.

  • Worth goods. Keep your knowledge. You can keep the goods.

  • The enemy nearby, he concerns are not just ချမ်းမြေ့မှု body weight Briefly.

  • Critical to see you see a blemish.

  • Fear is a big trouble upon trouble.

  • Poorest without his friend on her.

  • Only those who say there are numerous. But there are many ways to keep using the knowledge he is low.

  • For those filled with a wealth of knowledge is one of the ostentation and beauty.
    With the poverty of those who enjoy a winning one.

  • Where is the right thing than death there. Where is the hope it does something wrong there.

  • ဒွန္ House (world). What if that's the trouble, Damage to the end, His Holy halal (legal) for material inspection.
    So it's the rich who are at home are mostly preoccupied with the same problems. Yearning for the poor, Because you are preoccupied with the same coffee.

  • ဒွန္ လာပြီဟေ့ feelings. In ပြီဟေ့ will not look back.

  • ဒွန္ a large mass of suffering can end.

  • ဒွန္ have turned to one of those other qualities gave some coverage.

  • ဒွန္ individual hooves have been taken off his skills.

  • Greed in itself can increase the biological food. However, this will reduce his dignity.

  • "Arbitrary" organic မသ် put.

  • "In defiance of orders ဇာဗ်".

  • Avoid anger. Anger can cause insanity.

  • Give the money to disperse the most stingy, he gave his dignity to disperse the most generous.

  • Sins upon sins shame is deleted.

  • 0 on the recruitment of superior good measure has been deleted.

  • This is my property ownership, so long as everyone is meant to be.

  • H ရသ် saith the Lord. Person, one-third owned by one Spirit (ရူဟ်) Allah, I belong to the earth
    I owned one (physical) မိမိသာလျှင် (Amman and Malthus) (Definitions) (In fact, all belong to Allah)

  • Intelligent, he humbled himself to a higher level. No intelligent man is a higher self-0
    A small low-level is reached.

  • After committing sins

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