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On 5th of this month to create the disaster in Myanmar and an article about the disaster -

  1. Delta is a matter of sea salt water. Terms of the dam water. Rivers ျှာက် are always connected. Typically, the salt water of the sea regime, as well as collected during the summer of dam water, electricity or agricultural Industry released for public use.
    Ranked at the bottom of a large amount of water storage dams wish to store more water sources as well as to adjust the river to make the best human interest hosting considerations. Summer because of the release of roughly 4 inches around salt water and reducing cases. Close noted river dams, surface water and shallow thinking that open source technology, do not ignore them.
  2. Build a dam flooding rainfalls of protective systems already considered mandatory. Many large dams alone with this problem not fully protect the hydrology, but became floods destroy a relatively short period of time water storage regime is already stretched, and this time the amount of water flow. Rainfall on the dam, The flow of water, The flow of water in the river below the dam ျှာက် Real-permanent camp dam control information being sent. All the water was less than the amount of the bottom before hosting a pre-release, Only half of the large volume of water arrived some time liberty protected by floods.
    This river system showers in camp camp need to stay good network connection. I need to build hundreds of camps. Cut after full dam's water storage must be released below the dam water springs. If this arrangement could not completely prevent access to reduce flooding. In the past, landfills, dams Modern control technology due to lack any fear is completely broken open the dam to see people reaching out.

Nowadays technology, satellite weather, Satellite communications with conditions could be adjusted at the same time. Setting discretionary access door. Dam body can not be considered because of the fear of corruption တုိုက် 7 comedies larger water storage dams to prevent floods မုိုး roof water scarcity There will always be with him. (Developing countries that already have rain showers River Dam at the same time aligning almost no longer any control regime. US Ms. transistor River, China's Yellow River, this level to control the influx of rain water in the community apply needed slowly entrusted the best system of floods and water shortages The regime on their honor. A small mini happened မုိုး rains may flood exist.
Sometimes မုိုး rains because water consumption is always up water scarcity has always worked in the rule. However, the work of human perfection. မုိုး certified as level control of the village Not enough water is thousands of miles away from the river through canals 7 pay half water scarce areas issue mandatory work.

  1. The article describes the dam in the lower Great Lakes natural and waste water use scarce water innocent, low shed မုိုး village affairs. Dams and coincidences. Every year in the summer because of the dam 30 billion and 40 billion tons of water, helping more လုို့ deny certain information.

Thaung Tun, whether a case in the dam dam Thaung Tun, in any case, these were previously under the dam. Now, go to the extent of the rise of technology and then adjusted to increase the amount of stones in sand dam technology with little or no concern.
Dam level of a magnitude 7.9 quake in China becomes, about 8 thousand people die on a research article written by a little exaggeration. As more recognized, This dam, there are many non-research articles. 11 degrees quakes destroyed 3 miles, about the difference between a design made just 8 degrees could syrup dam is nothing happened, Lets you open waterway span of the dam, Protects the water, Whenever other electrical lines damaged during the earthquake region Electric Transport 7 working web hosting, etc.

their attitude on this dam. Without a pre-position content to learn the true story full access to professional quality one. China without all well-known to respond to Hunan Province ထိင်း writes Yunnan Lake Lake. Learn good happening at issue speak, hosting their advocates against the government or the Western countries over မုိုး technology copied from the media's description of idea as to the distribution do not accept.


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