Chittagong region are Muslims

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  1. the state in the 15th century in the area of Chittagong and give Sectarian that had captured the village called Mussulman Chittagong. They are only Bengalis are originally from Arakan Muslims. Number. Kaman Muslims were involved.
    (2) Since the 19th century Bengal Bengalis from Bangladesh exodus of the population to take part in the annual growth rate ratio additional Bengalis from Arakan Muslim population in the region has reached 92% Still.
    (3) records, and about 92% within the Rakhine Muslims from Bangladesh, the Bengalis from Bangladesh, while the remaining 8% are not likely to appear due to be taken by the Kaman and Rakhine ဘုရင်များ၏ Bengalis who arrived first in Chittagong region are Muslims.

Therefore, the state records and written about Wikipedia to match the spread of the population in Rakhine State Table Arakan Rohingya in the region is the lack of any era as evidence.
Interfere with the path of the history of China to be held on October 24, for a confidential discussion out of power in the world's largest political party leaders in Beijing are to be assembled.
The great Chinese Communist Party was to be a discussion about how to administer the changes of nearly 400 senior party members attended the meeting to be held in the four-day. In order to avoid the attention of the public and private Beijing Xi will be a special session of the hotel located. In meetings in the descriptions in the state media Xinhua, according to the party policy ဆွေးနွေးသွားမည်ဟု.

China's ruling Communist Party has 88 million members when faced with changes now called "sixth Parliament Plenary" held a large meeting.

Starting in 2012, following the ruling of the President Xi Jinping Mao Zedong the Chinese leader is much bigger than any power. Xi is also the end of its term of presidency twice since 2022 and are likely to continue power control.
Xi said China's massive timber to pour back in the Communist Party in order to meet its objectives as a magic weapon. However, influential politicians, he has become a good source for all of China's strategic economic sectors controlled resistance to efforts to control the state-owned enterprises are faced with. "These reforms during the last three years did not in fact anywhere. Xi is something you can implement this reform because it is viewed as a party, he and people do not believe, in order to meet his goals, "explained Harvard University China expert Anthony said Serge messages.
The meeting, one of the pro-Xi Anti-corruption and the reform of state-owned enterprises and impact of the project will be parallel to one of the victims said her view. Yang Ming, a professor at the University of Beijing in Morocco through security Xi in order to strengthen its leadership position and political power of this meeting is available opportunities will be applied.


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