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We live in a world of accelerating technological changes. Ours is a time where there is greater consciousness of safeguarding our assets, values and information especially those online. This is owing to how sensitive this information are and the attendant negative effect or what they could cause us if we lose them. Everyday in the news, headlines of cyber attacks and hacking of sensitive documents and information is not missing. I know a couple of persons whose crypto accounts have been hacked. These dastard acts have caused many individuals and companies to lose fortunes and plunge some to bankruptcy.

There has never been a time we are in dire need of a better way of safeguarding our cryptocurrencies and other digital assets than now. If you agree with me, join me as I introduce you to Goldilock. It is the panacea we seek to safeguarding our digital assets.

What is Goldilock?

Source: Goldilock

Goldilock is a storage system built on the blockchain technology. It fills the vacuum and loopholes of the conventional cold and hot storage systems widely in use.

Cold storage system simply refers to a storage system outside the internet. That is assets and values are stored outside the internet. They are not easily susceptible to hacking or infiltration by unallowed persons. The limitation to this storage method is its lack of easy accessibility. It does not allow for quick transaction and may hamper utilisation of an opportunity to invest if such an opportunity comes extemporaneously. In addition, one cannot guarantee the safety of such assets. This is because they may be lost wherever they are stored.

On the other hand, hot storage utilizes the internet in storing information, data and assets. The benefit of this is that such assets are readily available as one can simply go online and assess them at will. This is especially to the benefit of those who do online transactions a lot. The drawback here is that hot storage is vulnerable to be attacked especially if the individual and the third parties involved are not careful. This has resulted in people keeping only small digital assets online to the disadvantage of those who trade heavily online. Billions of dollars are lost yearly to hacking in addition to sensitive information.

Goldilock breaches the gap between the two. It keeps your data offline and makes them available online whenever you need them for a particular purpose. Through its encrypted node Goldilock
keeps information and asset disconnected from the internet until a user brings their devices such as smartphones and laptops and access them through a non-IP command. When they're done with their transactions, the system reverts their data to the physically disconnected from the internet via an airgap mechanism until they have the need to access them again. Isn't that great? Yea, it is!

In addition to keeping your information and assets safe, Goldilock
extends to ensuring users privacy is not compromised. Goldilock uses dedicated per user hardware to process storage of encrypted data and also dedicated URL to access the sensitive digital asset. This means that without your authorisation, no one would ever have access to your data.

Goldilock has a security suit which is an assemble of the various tools and the services the system uses or offer to the users to ensure the system's optimal functioning. They include but not only:

Goldilock Wallet: I strongly recommend this for cryptocurrenccy owners. It offers impenetrable security to your cryptocurrency via its security shell authentication. In addition, each user's wallet will have a URL that is personal to it and different from others. The days of your cryptocurrency hacking are over!

Goldilock API
This allows users who are already using other storage services to make use of Goldilock airgap mechanism for a more secured asset storage ond access.

Goldilock Colocations: This allows for individuals and organisations to rent space for other devices. This allows such individuals to extend wider services to their servers and at the same time have control over them.

Goldilock can find application in a wide range of companies and our everyday life. This ranges from cryptocurrency storage, files storage, security companies data storage, banks, insurance companies, etc.

Goldilock has entered into partnership with a good number of reputable companies and organisations. Some are captured below


Use Case 1:

Barry is a dealer in cryptocurrency. He even has a local cryptocurrency exchange platform where he changes cryptocurrency to fiat money for people in his area. This makes Barry to always have huge amount of cryptocurrency in his wallet. Barry has been scared of his wallet being hacked which can cripple his business. Barry heard of Goldilock. He now signed up for it. With the security Goldilock wallet offers, Barry is no longer scared. He can now continue with his business!

User Case 2

Ecobank in Nigeria has sensitive information and files contained in their vaults. Recently, there has been alarming robbery attack in the area where their national headquarters are located. Two nearby banks have been broken into already. The bank management is lost in thought of how to safeguard the documents they have been entrusted with by their customers. Losing such sensitive data will not only amount to them losing their customers, they also stand a chance of facing legal actions. The management heard of
Goldilock and embrace it. They keep those information safe in
Goldilock and now they are rest assured of the safety of such documents.

Goldilock Token (Lock Token):

Lock token will be used to run the economy of Goldilock. The services and transactions of Goldilock will be assessed and exchanged with the Lock token. It gives users assess to their wallets while locking these wallets off from others including the Goldilock team.

Source: Goldilock White paper

Gotten from the Goldilock's Whitepaper, below is a chart showing the Lock token distribution


The second chart below shows how the returns from Lock token sale will be distributed



The days of apprehension as regards the fate of data and assets storage are over with Goldilock. Hacking will soon be a thing of the past. More people will embrace the internet and its limitless possibilities. More importantly, cryptocurrency and online transactions will boom as their greatest fear has been taken care of. Goldilock through is 'not cold storage' and 'not hot storage' airgap technology has the latency of revolutionising data and asset storage.

Below is the roadmap of Goldilock


You may wish to watch this short introductory video from Goldilock

Meet Goldilock team


Here are the advisors


For more information, visit:

Goldilock Website
Goldilock White paper
Goldilock Tokenomics
Goldilock Telegram
Goldilock Discord
Goldilock LinkedIn
Goldilock Facebook
Goldilock Twitter
Goldilock Reddit
Goldilock Github

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