Coconut milk

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milk. He was produced from the old coconut fruit which dipaut / measured then milked with a little water mixed.

Usually used to cook something for the results berkuah or a little berkuah, "kliu" if the people of Aceh say.

Santan is used to cook meat into rendang
(food from West Sumatra), vegetable lodeh, curry and others.

In big cities people usually get coconut milk by buying it at the supermarket. Used grass is usually packed in boxes and has been preserved for long lasting.

But in my place, in the small town of Matang glumpangdua, you can easily find fresh coconut milk which is processed directly by waiting only two minutes. The price is very cheap. Easy, inexpensive and healthier. That is one of the thousand reasons why to this day we are comfortable in these little places.

Here are some steps in the process of making coconut milk in my place:


(old coconut fruit / half old)

the split coconut is then measured using this particular tool)


(the measured coconut is incorporated in this simple technological squeezer)


(Coconut milk will come out and accommodated with a container at the bottom of the squeeze machine)

Nahhh, that's the story of the making.

Ohyaaa, after the coconut meat is measured earlier, then the coconut shell becomes empty. And this shell is not thrown away lhoo. All of these shell collected and later can be burned and made charcoal. Wahhh, it turns out everything can be utilized yaa, can generate income hehehe.


(shell that has been taken coconut meat)

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