Beautiful Mountains

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How beautiful nature is
Sea waves
Clouds are moving
Fresh water blows

I'm standing on a mountain
Stand under the sky
To see the beauty of this nature

The beauty of the world
I risked my life
Survive on the mountain
For the sake of seeing the beauty of nature
The beauty of God's creation


Green leaves always blanket you
It has always been and will remain that way
You are standing strong as a stone
Is a towering blue mountain

The beauty of the mountain can never be uttered
Like a gem in a shady place and quiet
Beautiful and always strong without wailing
Oh mountain, you towering great


This variety of leaves wreaks restless
When the wind blows, softly like a whisper
The beautiful mountain becomes the air conditioning of the heart when lara
I was stunned in his caress

Like that, little by little I like my wits
Really beautiful, O you the horizon
You serve an unspoiled sanctity
By man's mercy and anger
The wind returns to me, the more sure it gives me
My forest, always protected by the green color of your leaves


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