My Journey to Germany

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Among the British Royal Princess Diana's two children in 2011, the eldest son William and Harry were married in 2018. All these years, I'm facing Germany match. It did twice in 2007 Reply Cancel term, British Prime Minister Tony Beth resigned from duty.


2006 World Cup and 2011 Women's World Cup hosted by Germany. ဂျာမနီရောက် time ended the match easy.

ဂျာမနီရောက် year 2005, Anna was selected to become the Prime Minister of Germany's rescue. Now faced with uncertainty, while returning a fourth has been unexpectedly selected.


While we have returned to Burma from 2008 until 2015 Andaman mixed blood of America President Obama twice.


In 2005 from 2007, while ဂျာမနီရောက် green slip write the great favorite. Saffron to break up the monks were arrested.

Government of Burma in 2015, I came to school soon change. Facing the problem more than six thousand.

No houses without.

The drainage

Germany 3 fold return journey ထွက်တိုင်း once rector of wine with big ပြောင်းပြောင်း passing a new challenge. D no coincidence ... I do not know.


Funny dropped Germany's meeting, the laughter of the conservation of the British royal family World Cup too, The laughter of the global political change in Myanmar Wine Administrative They appear to be associated with.

Well, considering the last traffic. Talk tongue medium.

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