Making Simple Mooncakes is Fun!

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Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration among the Chinese in Malaysia. Usually it’s celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar year. It’s the day that family members sit together, enjoy the peaceful night with the brightest moon while eating mooncakes.

Yesterday @kilathecla called me up to join an evening class of making Moon cake. One of the best things about life is that we never have to stop learning. So, I say hell yeah...why not.

Making Moon cake requires you to pay attention at the measurements, and a single small tweak will change the results significantly. Sharing is caring, here's what I've learn yesterday. It's the most simple version of making mini Moon Cake.


- 125 gm plain flour (Rose brand flour - recommended)
  • 75 gm golden syrup (homemade or store-bought)

  • 5 gm water

  • 2.5 gm Kansui (an alkaline solution made from sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate)

  • 1 gm Baking powder

  • 25 gm vegetable oil (corn oil)


1 Kg pandan/lotus paste/kacang hitam paste (makes 31 balls), homemade or store-bought

10 salted egg yolks, homemade or store-bought (optional)

Cut into small portion and shape it into a ball.

Crack the salted eggs, take out the yolks and bake it for 5 minutes.

Place the yolks into the ball paste. Gently covered it thoroughly.


Here are the steps of making this delicious cakes.

1. In a large bowl, mix the golden syrup, Kansui and oil well. Sift in the flour. Don’t over-stir the mix and use a spatula to mix it until emulsified.
  1. When the mix is fully combined into a dough, cut it into a small portion and round it into a ball shape.

3. Work on the mooncakes one at a time. Put the ball dough on you palm. Slowly press it flat then put the ball pandan/Tousa/lotus paste on the center of the dough. Carefully wrap the dough around the filling.

  1. Carefully mould the mooncake into the mold. Press the handle until you cannot move it any further. Then pull the handle up and release the mooncake.

To cook

  • Preheat oven to 180 C. Bake for 8 to 9 minutes, until the dough start to turn golden.

  • Remove the mooncakes from the oven. Brush a thin layer of egg wash on the surface of the mooncakes. Then, place it back in the oven and continue baking for about 8 minutes.

  • Let the mooncakes cool. Once cool, use spatula to gently push it to detach them from the baking tray.

Gloriously hot from the oven!

Tadaa!...not bad for a first timer huh.. I am very pleased with the outcome. This mooncakes can be served after 24 hours. Make sure to store it in an airtight container.

The moon cakes started to moist after 12 hours.


  • Dust both hands and the dough with a bit of cake flour so that it won't stick to your hand.

  • The Moon cake will look and taste better after 3 days.

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Mcm dia kedai oh..😊

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Iya...kami sana Hinompuka cafe buat with chef noona @kilathecla 😘😘

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Oh.. ngam la.. ada masa sia singgah sana

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hehehe. ahjumma bah


Iya...kami sana Hinompuka cafe buat with chef noona @kilathecla 😘😘

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Hello Kity is Japanese characters^^
good cooking!


Yes...Hello kitty is cute..thanks

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i write steemit about spice&herb from japan^^
if you interestead it ,please look at (^^♪

· got a nice post there. I really don't know much about Japanese food. I love sushi and Miso soup.😘😋

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sushi and Miso soup is a typical Japanese dish!
i like it^^