Tormented Heart - A Free Verse

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Listen to the wails of the heart,
hear as it is being torn apart
See the wounds that is yet to heal,
the scars that you can feel

The blood of love is ebbing away,
no warmth is able to make it sway
Though a warm hand's leading the way,
it still fail to make it stay

Weakened mind giving in to the pain,
a future impure; full of stain
Desperation leading to a light
but unsure if the path is right

Life under an endless rain of tears,
slowly, being devour by fears
Uncertainty has never been so bleak,
the scent of darkness it reeks

Yet despite despair there is Hope,
God's love can help one cope.
Even a torn heart can be mend
as long as one refuses to bend


"Tormented Heart" by vegaron



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