"Beautiful Tunic" Uniquely Can Correct Body Shape So Look More BeautifulsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #esteem4 years ago


The story of the tunic is never over. Long model blouse reaches this heel always has its own charm for its wearer.

Simply impressed, but instantly corrects various body types. The tiny so look more contained, the fat, so look more slim with this model tunic.


  1. tunic light gray color with arms laminated stack is also going to be a simple but elegant look for the day.

Create any office, could be a simple look, smart & professional. Just replace strappy shoes with heels or flat shoes with a more formal model, would be pretty.

For those of you who are too skinny, this tunic can give more silhouette


  1. Short tunic aka blouse model kimono this lavender color can be a chic look really for the day, or later ngantor. Match with black pants and plain black pashmina, making the outift look impressed chic but also confirmed the elegant side.

For you fat, the ribbon at the waist and the baby doll blouse makes you look slimmer. Just make sure to wear dark subordinates

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