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The development of bamboo forests as alternative crops is considered quite beneficial for the conservation and protection of raw water resources.

Bamboo plants are rich in benefits. Bamboo leaves are widely used for packs of snacks, usually in the form of cakes. Meanwhile, the stems of these sides are used as house poles, walls, and even handicrafts. Not to forget, young shoots of bamboo plants called bamboo shoots can be cooked into a delicious meal.
Later, not only bamboo plants are multimanfaat. Beautiful forest of bamboo can bring tourists to visit. A number of beautiful bamboo forests provide an oasis for travelers. Breeze and shade of bamboo make bamboo forest tourism very soothing

Penglipuran Forest Bamboo Village


This famous tourist village in Bali has a uniqueness of a house with a uniform door. Not only that, every house in Penglipuran Village, Bangli Subdistrict, Bangli Regency, has a garden in the yard with a clean street.

Bamboo Forest Surabaya


In the area Keputih, Surabaya, there is a bambbu forest is so cool that cool. The walking trails are still dirt and full of dried bamboo leaves that fall. With a cool view, Keputih Bamboo Forest is suitable you come in while tired of whack but do not have enough time to wander.

Forest Source Bamboo


Lumajang Regency is very rich with beautiful forest. Bamboo forest located in Sumbermujur Tourism Village, Candipuro District, one of them. In the bamboo forest there is a source of water that the water is used by residents to run the farm.
This beautiful forest fits really to be a family destination. The reason, in addition to the cool weather, there is also a pool for bathing the water comes from the spring foot of Mount Semeru. His name is also the forest, of course, many fauna roam the object of this tour. There are populations of bats and apes that can be invited to chat by visitors.

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good travel holiday

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wonderful Indonesia

indahnya pesona alam negeri ku Indonesia

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sangat indah.
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Photography yang sangat indah...

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