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One day, Siti Fatimah asked the Prophet. Who was the first Woman to enter heaven? Rosulullah replied: "She is a woman named Muti'ah".

Siti Fatimah was surprised. It was not him, as he had imagined. Why is it someone else, when she is the daughter of Prophet herself? Then
arose einginann fatimah to find out what the ladies of women are? And what has been done to him to have such a high honor?

After asking permission from her husband, Ali Bin Abi Talib, Siti Fatimah to find the home of Muti'ah. Her young son Hasan was invited to join.

When he arrived at Muti'ah's house, Siti Fatimah knocked on the door and greeted, "Assalamu'alaikum ...!"

"Wa'alaikumussalaam! Who's on the outside? "Came the meek answer from inside the house. Her voice was bright and melodious.

"I am Fatimah, Princess Rosulullah," Fatima replied back.

"Alhamdulillah, how happy I am today Fatimah, Rosululah's daughter, willing to visit my hut," came the reply from inside. The voice sounded cheerful and closer to the door.

"Alone, Fatimah?" Asked a woman the same age with Fatimah, ie Muti'ah while opening the door.

"I am accompanied by Hasan," Fatima replied.

"Oh sorry yes," said Muti'ah, her voice sounded remorseful. I have not got permission from my husband to receive male guests. "

"But Hasan is still small?" Explained Fatimah.

"Though small, Hasan is a man. Tomorrow you come again, huh? I will ask permission first to my auami, "said Mutiah with regret.

Shaking his head, Fatimah excused herself and returned home.

The next day, Fatimah came to Muti'ah's house, this time a was accompanied by Hasan and Husain. Their beritga came to Muti'ah's house. After greeting and answered happy, still from inside the house Muti'ah asked:

"Are you still accompanied by Hasan, Fatimah? My husband has given permission. "" Ha? Why did not yesterday say? The only permission Hasan, and Husain not yet. Forcibly I can not accept it too, "with regret, Muti'ah kai also refused.

That day Fatimah failed again to meet with Muti'ah. And the next day Fatima returned, they were welcomed by the woman in her house.

The circumstances of Mutiah's house are very simple, none of the luxurious furniture that adorns the house. However, everything is neatly organized. The rough beds also look clean, the base is white, and freshly washed. The smell in the room was fragrant and very fresh, making people feel at home at home.

Fatimah was amazed at the very pleasant atmosphere, so Hasan and Husain, who usually do not feel at home at home, this time looking fun playing games.

"Sorry, I can not accompany Fatimah to sit quietly, because I have to prepare a meal for my husband," said Mutiah as she paced from kitchen to living room.

Approaching midday, cook it all ready, then put on a tray. Mutiah picks up a whip, which is also placed on a tray.

"Your husband works where?" Ask Fatimah

"In the fields," replied Muti'ah.

"Shepherd?" Ask Fatimah again.

"Not. Farming."

"But why did you bring a whip?"

"Oh, that?" Said Mutiah with a smile. "The whip I provide for other purposes. That is to say, if my husband is eating, then I ask if my cooking fit or not? If he says fit, nothing will happen. But if he says it does not fit, that whip I will give him, for my back to be whipped, because I can not serve my husband and please him. "

"Is that your husband's will?" Fatimah asked in amazement.

"Oh, no! My husband is a loving person. This is my own will, lest I become a lawless wife to my husband. "

Hearing the explanation, Fatimah shook her head. Then he asked himself to leave.

"No wonder that Muti'ah will be the first woman to enter heaven," Fatima said to herself, on her way home, "She is very devoted to her husband sincerely. Such behavior of loyalty is not a symbol of female heritage by men, but a mirror for the image of the sincerity and sacrifice of women who should be rewarded with the same behavior. "

not only that, there was still a small fan and cloth.

"What is this thing Muthi'ah?" Siti Muthi'ah was embarrassed. But after much insistence he told her. "You know Fatimah, my hard-working husband, is sweating from day to day. I am very dear and respectful to him. As soon as I saw her coming home from work, I quickly greeted her. I opened his shirt, fingered his body with this little cloth to dry his sweat. He was also lying in bed unwind,

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