Eggplant Chill With Its Million Delights

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Good evening steemians friends that I glorify,
May you be healthy and sustenance abound always,
Allow a moment for me,
I will try to post some articles about the food menu is very unusual for me, of course also can be amazing for all friends, and the name of the food menu is "Eggplant"
Hope you enjoy and enjoy this,
I am very happy with my fun trip today, how not, my day trips are very impressive, I have long been in boarding school to carry out my duties as a student, and reach the ideals of parents, and already long never see my parents, and I took the time to go home to parents in the area lhokseumawe (aceh) To bersilaturrahmi to home parents as our duties and obligations of a child, but the thing that is very surprising is about the menu -the food menu that my mother had prepared to wait for my return, it was unusual for him to prepare such an extraordinary meal, and I was so delighted to see such a wonderful meal in front of my head, in front of me is a menu that is prepared from the eggplant that has been in sambal,
Eggplant is a fruit that can not be eaten raw-raw, but must be combined with certain other materials that have been prepared,
Because the fruit of this one eggplant has a very different difference with other fruits, because there is a very satisfying taste is when the eggplant is cooked according to its rules,
There are many ways how to cook this one eggplant fruit,
But it is according to each taste, but there are good fruit eggplant is cooked with sambal or sambal,
They treat the eggplant fruit with sambal menu,
And it is the custom of each person who likes the fruit of eggplant,
Because we humans have different tastes,
And personally I choose to like chili menu,
Eggplant Chili is a typical food of aceh people who are in great interest by various kinds of human styles,
Starting from children, the elderly and the housewives,
Because 60% of teenagers love chili sauce when they are married,
And that's all I can say may be useful for all of us,
If there are my words that are less good and less pleasing in your hearts the readers,
I am very pleading for criticism and suggestion from all of you,
Write your comments or comments and feedback below:

I wait !!

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I also really love eggplant.

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