How money buys happiness

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Alright people, grab some popcorn, or a bowl of namkeen, or anything you can get, it’s going to take some time.


During my college days, I never really gave any importance to money. I used to spend money on useless stuffs without even giving a second thought. And when I used to run out of money, I’d call my dad. Things were easy. My dad never questioned me.

College over, and I got a job. It was 40k per month, and it was then when I realized how difficult it was to earn money.

I used to spend almost that much amount every month, without even giving a second thought when I was in college. The main reason I guess was because I easily got it. Like all I needed to do was just make a call, and my account was credited.

However, when I started my job, I figured out it wasn’t easy to make money. I used to see people of my father’s age serving me tea in the office and getting an amount of mere 10k for their hard work.

It really didn’t feel nice when a man of my father’s age would call me SIR.

Well, to be honest, I never really liked it. I always asked them to address me using my name. Also, I always used to strike conversation with them.

Like you can guess, being a boy who used to spend money on useless shits, I wasn’t at all satisfied with my income.

I just didn’t want to ask my dad for money, since I had completed my college, but I really wanted money. So, I started creating more ways to earn money.

I started freelancing on internet and it gave awesome results. And soon, I discovered cryptocurrency, and within a few months, I started making some real amount of money. It proved really easy for me since I knew about trading and investing, and was interested in the stock market. But cryptos proved to be way more easier than the stocks.

Everything was going fine until one day, one of the tailors in my factory met an accident, and eventually died.

Now, I used to talk to him. Sometimes, even personal shit. He was, maybe 35 or 36, I don’t really know. I never asked. But I knew he had a family, a wife, and two children, one son and one daughter.

I was shocked when I got the news that my friend had passed away. It hurt, obviously, but then I remembered about his family.

I went to his home one day. I met his wife, and his kids. The conditions at his home didn’t seem too good. He was the sole earner of the family, and with him gone, they were facing serious financial crisis.

I offered money to his wife, which she denied, and I figured it out that they ain’t going to take free money, and I respected it but I wanted to help them.

Maybe he was older than me, and just a tailor, but he was still a dear friend. I didn’t want his family to suffer.

One day I went to his home and talked to his son, who is 12 years old. I suggested him a plan, to which he agreed. I suggested him to start a tea shop right in front of our office, and I said I’ll give the entire money for the setup of the shop, and he could return it to me whenever he had enough of it.

After a lot of debates, finally his mother (My friend’s wife) too agreed.

I spent a total of almost INR 10,000 for that shop to get started.

Eventually, things worked out for them and the shop started generating profits.

Now, both the kids go to school and also help their mom in the shop.

Whenever I go to their shop for a cup of tea, I feel great. I guess I just cannot explain that feeling.

So, I bought happiness for me, and my friend’s family at just a price of 10,000.

Who said money can’t buy happiness?? You just need to be smart enough to spend it wisely.

Here’s a picture of that kid and me. Just look into our eyes. Don’t we look happy??


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