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RE: Huge eSteem iOS 2.2 update now available to Apple users

in #esteem7 months ago (edited)

Wow I haven't used esteem in a long time because Partiko was much nicer, but this new update is great! Since Partiko has been abandoned and the notifications don't even work anymore, I'm probably going to replace my mobile usage with this. Bravo!

My only criticism so far is on the post, the buttons on the bottom are very close to the "home bar" (iPhone Xs) and a little tricky to touch. Would be nicer if they were a little higher from the bottom of the screen!


Thanks for feedback, we are reworking bottom navigation in upcoming release, will keep in mind your comment. 😉

Cool, I have another question. I signed in first with my active key and was able to vote and everything, but after a while I tried to vote and it gave me a pop up saying something about missing key? I logged out and logged in with my posting key this time and can vote again, but what is the best key to log in with?

Active key gives possibility to transfer and allows to perform all functionality on eSteem, while posting key only allows social operations. You can login even with master password or steemconnect, no matter what you use, your keys always stored on your device encrypted with pin code you set. So it is most secure key storing, if someone try to guess or brute force, app will simply delete all credentials from your device and attacker won't get anything, but you will have to relogin again.


Okay. I got the same error message now after a while having logged in with my private posting key. It seems the app is not retaining the keys for some reason... Logged in with steemconnect now and will see how it holds up...

Please keep us informed, we will check as well on our end if there is bug somewhere.

Another thing I have noticed from using it all day, I don't get any push notifications even though they are turned on, I even double checked in my iPhone's settings and they are turned on all the way. The notifications are here in the app I just don't get any push notices.

Hmm that's weird, we will take a look, thanks for report!

We checked, looks like you have disabled notifications. Please check settings page within eSteem.


It was on like this by default, I will try toggling it off and on and see how it works.

Edit: looks like it's working now!