diving the beautiful reef fish in the ocean of sabang

in #esteem5 years ago

it has been a long time my desire to dive into a beautiful ocean of sabang, because I heard from many people that in the sea sabang a lot of natural beauty, ranging from fish, rocks and some equipment that deliberately in pairs under the sea of ​​sabang, the beauty of the sea sabang is very popular among aceh people, even to foreign countries though
first time when i arrived at sabang island, i can not wait to dive into the sea let alone i see a lot of people who have been in the water, i was a little scared first but finally i tried to dare to dive
I tried to put full clothes and do not forget too shoes, because people say a lot of pig spines on the rock, when I was in the water I feel like heaven of the world, very beautiful, even more beautiful as I imagine so far
to my astonishment I see so many beautiful fish in the sea of ​​sabang, I think there are so many people who are not tired of diving in the water just to see the fish playing, with the beautiful coral, very amazing, the very experience valuable, I dare to recommend the same friend steemit all, come to sabang see if what I say true or not


Son hermosas todas tus fotos!! Uno de mis sueños es ir a bucear, espero poder cumplirlo pronto

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