Is there in your order

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Is there in your order

For a person
A natural resource that needs no.
The person without faith will never be successful.

2 purpose

A specific goal of yourself
For a while and don't make it right
The goal is lost to the next
I have to think the current one.
Purpose is going to be a day
One of the effort to have a part of life.

3 Finish a job.

Small work or small work
Start and end to the end
Success is not over to work.
I don't have a lot of a arrow.
I can do.

4, the passion

One thing needed for success
Small building
Big building
Millions of small bricks
One of the stones and one
In progress
A combination of passion and the passion
Success When I don't hesitate
The building is going to be.

5 self review

Successful people on your actions
Why is always a review why?
What are you needed? Too many
What? Between Millions of me
Preparing and edit it.

6 words

More words than the knife, beautiful words
It's a lot of people who go.
As he is attracted to others
My word is too much.
Please control the words.
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