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Source: Steemmonsters

I'm enjoying this game.
As I received in my wallet some STEEM and SBD of the previous post I found it better to reinvest to be able to battle with another splinter.

WATER was the chosen one, I bought a summoner and another key card for the double HEAL.

I tested in the daily task that was to win 5 battles with WATER splinter and it worked.

Source: Steemmonsters

I easily won and received a reward card.

Source: Steemmonsters

I took the good tide and continued until I reached LIGA BRONZE.

Source: Steemmonsters

It was a great day today.

I take this opportunity to continue with the solidarity request and if there are any cards left, in duplicate or do not use thank you if you can send me as a gift.

Estou a gostar deste jogo.
Como recebi na minha walet alguns STEEM e SBD das postegens anteriores achei melhor reinvestir para poder batalhar com outro splinter.

WATER foi o escolhido, comprei um summoner e outra carta fundamental para o duplo HEAL.

Testei na tarefa diária que era vencer 5 batalhas com WATER splinter e deu certo.

Venci fácilmente e recebi uma carta de recompensa.

Aproveitei a boa maré e continuei até chegar a LIGA BRONZE.

Foi ótimo o dia hoje.

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