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Are Russian winters full of snow?
But not here, in my place:)
In Crimea snow is a miracle, but humid and cool weather is a local tradition.

Today it was a rare day without wind at all! and it was perfect because cold strong wind is my hell brrrrr:(

We visited a new mirrow park without any mirrors. So why is it called so?
Now you will see!


You know, Kerch is very famous now thanks no a new bridge built by Russia. It connects my city and the rest of the country, and it was a historical important event after transferring of Crimea from Ukraine to Russia 5 years ago.

Here it is. It is long, huge and fantastic.


But it is rather far, and we can not see it well from the shore, so here in the park that is just in front of the sea a mini copy of this bridge has been built!


So it is like a mirrow reflection, and that is why it is a mirrow park.

That is how it is look like in reality. When we were riding there first I took these photos.




Now just walk with me, friends, and enjoy our new place for relax.



The bridge is still being built like the park itself, it is a very expensive project but the result must be great!


At night it is all full of lights...hope to see it soon and show you;)



And I adore this creativity - amazing birds' and squirrels' houses!



Hope you like it;)


Really beautiful bridge Talia, it's huuuge! I love those sweet little houses for the critters too, a very kind gesture for the animals, and for us to be happy to see!

<3 yes, dear, at last something new and nice appeared in our city;)

i love those coats with the fluffy hats on them. I haven't worn a coat in nearly 20 years!

why do i love the hats? Because they look good. If you are asking why I haven't wore a coat in a long time it is because I have lived near the equator for a long time and it rarely drops below 16 degrees here unless you are using air con :)

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