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Hanging swinging cradle is a unique and powerful thing of our ancestors. Many nations used exactly this variant of a baby's bed.

It is not just a tribute to tradition, but the most important element that makes the development of the child Healthy and Harmonious.

Throughout the world, the family life has evolved over the centuries, and each locality has its own traditions in the care of infants. Different nations called the cradle in different ways: zybka, lyul'ka, kachalka, kolyska etc.

Cradles in different places were made differently and from a wide variety of materials: wood (hollowed, board cradles), willow twigs, rattan, leather, bark, ropes.

Suspending the cradle to the ceiling was not accidental: the warmest air was accumulating on the ceiling, which provided heating for the baby.

In addition, many peoples believed that Angels protect a child raised above the floor. To protect a child from Evil, various piercing objects were put under the cradle: knives and scissors.


But why was a cradle hanging?

It is known that the 9-month period of intrauterine development of a child according to biological (genetic) time is much longer than the whole subsequent life. And this stage of development takes place in liquid, which supports the development of the child in virtually zero gravity.

Now imagine: from zero gravity, a child suddenly falls into an environment of enormous gravitational pressure, including “Heavy” (by pressure drops) gravitational rhythms.

That is why a baby emerging from the mother’s womb is characterized by tense body spills, muscle stiffness and convulsive movements. And it will be removed only setting up body rhythms.

The suspended cradle transforms the vector of static gravitational pressure into the vibrational-wave gravitational rhythm.

In the process of rocking, the baby experiences peculiar moments of weightlessness (when the cradle reaches its maximum height and “freezes” for a moment) and the moments of exposure to the highest gravitational forces (when the cradle passes through the lowest point to the ground).

Consequently, with the help of a suspended swinging cradle, the vector of a unidirectional gravitational press “unfolds” into a gravitational life-creating wave adaptive to terrestrial conditions.


In the 80s of the XX century, the following experiment was performed on the basis of the Scientific Research Institute of Medical Problems of the North of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (N.F. Kazachkova:
one group of mothers raised infants in a hanging cradle, the other group - in an ordinary bed.

The results were shocking! All kids from the 1st group showed better results in their health conditions, development and emotional stability!

For sure it's one of the main things of the past that was forgotten undeservedly...

Now in Russia there are some hanging cradles in stores, they become more and more popular, but still it's not a trend. Unfortunately.