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Doctors are unstoppable in their wild desire to earn more money. No stops, no borders. But this time a prison for 6 years will become their long stop...

Doctors and any kind of falsification have become connected since the last great medical Reformation. There are plans, and their income depend on them.

The last scandal has become loud very fast.

In the children's clinic in Moscow, documents about false vaccinations were found.

A criminal case under part 3 of art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Fraud) in relation to the management of Polyclinic 11 of Moscow was opened.

⚡ The employees of the clinic made false records about the consent of the parents to the medical intervention, i.e. falsified AGREEMENT for flu vaccination!

More than 2 thousand such cases were revealed!

I guess, they got very good financial benefits. And thanks God it was just a documentary crime, and no injections were made!

Parents confirmed that they did not give consent to vaccinations, and kids were not vaccinated.

So doctors did not touch kids, just made false notes to get money. Is it a crime? For sure!!

What can be in future?
Kids are at school or at a kindergarten, parents are not nearby. Time of vaccination comes. A nurse opens a medical card and sees a parental agreement for injections, a false one! And it will be enough to make a new injection!

I do not know how this crime became loud but it saved many kids from danger for sure.

All who are guilty of committing this crime faces up to 6 years in prison.



At least they did not vaccinate the kids.

What if a caring doctor agrees to provide a certificate for vaccination without vaccinating the child, as he/she also believes vaccines are harmful. Would that be a crime in Russia? After all, the doctor would be protecting a Russian child, while defrauding (because of commissions) the biggest criminals of this world: Big Pharma.

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