Steem Monsters Daily Card Giveaway #41 No Resteem No Upvote No Follow

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Hello Friends,

Created by @trisquelwhare

Welcome again in the @Steemmonsters card giveaway as the @ContestKings rule No Upvote 👆 No Follow No Resteem so the things you have to do is only follow one rule


The only thing you have to do is tag a friend in comment

How winner will be selected

The winner will be selected by random name choser 🎲 and the card will be sent to the winner and the winner will be announced in a post on @talhatariq .

Participation Window

You can participate in it before the post payout mean under 7 days of the post payout.

Today Card

Every day their is a card which will be given to the winner. Today card

Sea Genie


Good Luck

What you don, t had joined @SteemMonster now go and join


Join @ContestKings family Join Discord Server and visit @Contestkings .
Meet me at discord @TalhaTariq#6139 for any question, help or for sponsoring in my contest

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