Smart Tricks Select Campus for Easy Work at Large Companies

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Smart Tricks Select Campus for Easy Work at Large Companies

ALL people want to be successful. Pioneering success is certainly not easy, especially when starting from scratch. The first step to achieve success of course starts from a quality education, especially in the last ladder, namely college.

If the first capital to start a career is a diploma, now a pass letter is not enough. Many companies require students to have work experience / internship in order to be accepted to work. This is coupled with the presence of ASEAN single market (MEA) which makes the job market more competitive. Unfortunately again, the availability of field for an apprenticeship is sometimes very limited. Not infrequently, student apprenticeship applications are also rejected here and there.

But do not worry about not finding an internship. There are tips for success so that students can easily accepted internship in the right company and credible. The key is choosing the right campus like Indonesia Banking School (IBS).

Along with the opening of the MEA, IBS has prepared its students to be better prepared for work. The campus is located in Kemang area has been introducing its students to the world of work with an internship program in semester seven for four months in banks that work with IBS.

Recorded more than 20 institutions that have cooperated with IBS, both Banking and non-bank. Just look at some big names like Bank Indonesia (visitation), Financial Services Authority, Deposit Insurance Agency, Bank Mandiri, BNI Bank, Bank BTN, Bank BRI, Bank EXIM, Bank DKI, Bank BJB, Bank Bukopin, Bank Saudara, Bank Ganesha Bursa Indonesia Stock Exchange, Bank Syariah Bank, Bank Panin Syariah, Bank BNI Syariah, Bank Muamalat, Bank BTN Syariah, Bank Syariah Mandiri, Bank Victoria Syariah, Bank Mega Syariah, Bank BCA Syariah, Bank Syariah Bukopin and Bank Permata Syariah.

In particular, every IBS student will get an apprenticeship to these companies if they meet the requirements specified by IBS. Very easy, considering the IBS students do not have to bother looking for a company that would accept apprenticeship apprenticeship.

In addition, cooperation with more than 20 banks and other parties is also not limited to apprenticeship programs, but also employee recruitment. This allows IBS alumni to be able to work directly at one of these banks if they meet a number of requirements.

Well, want an internship without the need to find yourself a quality company and know more about the internship program at IBS? Check out more info here!

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