It’s Big Band season again and you know what that means... no free parking, but now there will be pinball league practice.

in esteem •  4 months ago

Big band will start again soon. It's gonna be every more expensive this year because I found a nearby pinball league. They have lots of well maintained pinball machines.

I should give lots of credit to our Steem neighbor @zingali He discovered and shared lots of great info that helped me be the pinball player I am today. That's not saying much, but I'm hooked. Let's see where we are 1year from now.

It's gonna be awesome to say, "I was in 20 pinball tournaments this year." I just made that number up. It's probably going to be more like 100!!!

(Edit: i'm going to focus on the tournaments appearing near big band, the ones at Mission Control.)

Remember these FedEx runs to make copies of music?




Holy sh!t, this one is only 3 month's old!?

I feel dizzy after that.

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One day, we will see @steemseph with Careless Whispers.