Steem (STEEM) Price Hits $3.05 on Exchanges

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index.pngSteem logoSteem (CURRENCY:STEEM) listed down one.7% against the America dollar throughout the 1-day amount ending at 12:00 PM jap on April twenty first. throughout the last seven days, Steem has listed seventeen.8% higher against the America dollar. One Steem coin will presently be bought for $3.05 or 0.00034632 BTC on major exchanges as well as HitBTC, OpenLedger DEX, Poloniex and Upbit. Steem includes a market capitalisation of $775.59 million and about $16.80 million price of Steem was listed on exchanges within the Doomsday.

Here is however different cryptocurrencies have performed throughout the last day:
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Bitcoin (BTC) listed up three.9% against the dollar and currently trades at $8,823.24 or 1.00000000 BTC.
Bitcoin money (BCH) listed six.6% higher against the dollar and currently trades at $1,156.54 or 0.13132900 BTC.
Counterparty (XCP) listed down one.8% against the dollar and currently trades at $19.42 or 0.00220562 BTC.
Crown (CRW) listed down two.4% against the dollar and currently trades at $1.60 or 0.00018138 BTC.
Namecoin (NMC) listed zero.7% higher against the dollar and currently trades at $1.89 or 0.00021433 BTC.
Unobtanium (UNO) listed two.5% higher against the dollar and currently trades at $139.84 or 0.01587890 BTC.
PACcoin ($PAC) listed up 1 Chronicles against the dollar and currently trades at $0.0068 or 0.00000077 BTC.
CHIPS (CHIPS) listed nineteen.5% higher against the dollar and currently trades at $0.45 or 0.00005080 BTC.
ATBCoin (ATB) listed up four.8% against the dollar and currently trades at $0.19 or 0.00002206 BTC.
Terracoin (TRC) listed six.2% higher against the dollar and currently trades at $0.16 or 0.00001793 BTC.

Steem Coin Profile

STEEM may be a proof-of-work (PoW) coin that uses the SHA-256 hashing formula. Its genesis date was Gregorian calendar month fourth, 2015. Steem’s total provide is 271,277,813 coins and its current provide is 254,303,719 coins. Steem’s official Twitter account is @steemit and its Facebook page is accessible here. Steem’s official message board is Steem’s official web site is The Reddit community for Steem is /r/steemit and also the currency’s Github account is viewed here.

According to CryptoCompare, “ is a blockchain-based social media platform wherever anyone will earn rewards by posting relevant content, curating quality content by upvoting and by holding Steem primarily based currencies in a very vest fund, that generates interest. There ar 3 main currencies in Steemit: Steem, Steem Power (SP) and Steem Backed greenbacks (SBD). Steem is liquid and might be bought in associate degree exchange and born-again into steem greenbacks or steem power. Steem Power is largely Steem that's latched in a very vesting fund for three months. Users will use steem power to upvote content and obtain curating rewards. once a user upvotes content his steem power gets depleted then slowly regenerated. Steem Power holders recieve interest from their holdings. The a lot of Steem Power a citizen has the a lot of revenue he'll generate for himself (in variety of SP) and for the content creator (In SBD). there's additionally associate degree incentive to upvote content early, because the rewards ar distributed in step with time. The earliest votes gets the largest share of the reward. Steem Backed greenbacks ar there to safeguard content creators from volatitlity and might be listed for roughly one usd price of steem, so as to live from steem. changing Steem backed greenbacks into STEEM takes five days. Users additionally recieve interest from holding SBD. T Steem may be a proof of labor currency with a scheduled blocktime of three seconds. Steem POW mining is finished in rounds of sixty three seconds by twenty one miners (witnesses). nineteen of the miners ar pre voted, one is that the different with the foremost procedure power, and also the last one is chosen from a queue of witnesses that didn't get on the highest nineteen voted witnesses. ninetieth of the block reward is allotted to a vest fund to reward curators and POW miners, the opposite ten ar created liquid within the variety of steem and ar wont to reward content creators. Steem gets born-again to Steem Backed greenbacks and sent to the content creator. “

Buying and mercantilism Steem

Steem is bought or sold on the subsequent cryptocurrency exchanges: HitBTC, Poloniex, Upbit, Bittrex and OpenLedger DEX. it's sometimes impracticable to buy various cryptocurrencies adore Steem directly mistreatment America greenbacks. Investors seeking to trade Steem ought to initial purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin mistreatment associate degree exchange that deals in America greenbacks adore GDAX, Gemini or Coinbase. Investors will then use their newly-acquired Ethereum or Bitcoin to buy Steem mistreatment one amongst the aforesaid exchanges.

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