How do you feel in a place like this

in #esteem2 years ago (edited)

Before I make a post tonight I want to say good night to steemit friends, tonight I want to ask you steemit, what if you are in a place like this


Happy or not in a place like this and my brother in Steemit likes or dislikes scenes like this


I am very grateful if anyone would like to see my post tonight, and thank you that I can convey to all Steemit brothers and I always say I hope that I will be accepted in the application @esteem and Steemit



All the places are so beautiful. It feels great to sit alone in a pleasant environment. I think horses should be in these places. If all the reasons are in such a place, then everyone's heart is good. It goes silently, many beautiful beautiful trees in front. Looks like a lot. I think this place is actually very beautiful. On the other side, the clouds are floating around and some people on the other side are full of heart.