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Hello good night for friends, all I'm sorry, I'm sorry I just got online again because I had a little problem with my smartphone.

On this occasion I will discuss about my online business. Maybe you have heard of kratom and its benefits.

the efficacy of kratom aceh; Increase focus and concentration, help calm down, relieve pain, increase energy, improve mood and euphoria, reduce social anxiety, increase libido sex drive, withdrawal from opiates, overcome isomnia, control blood sugar and increase immunity

Here are some pictures of types of strains on kratom


And this is some proof of my shipment, and I can send kratom to the whole world.


Payment can be via paypal, moneygram, bitcoin and western union
For more information, please visit my
Instagram @ssatria.743
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp :+6282277576601

I say thank you to all the friends of Steemit, and I am very grateful to my brother @lightsplasher I am also able to see the latest posts from @lightsplasher brothers.


Looks like a wonderful business opportunity you've taken @ssatria743. Moringa indeed provides a lot of health benefits. Good luck!

Thank my friend

That is not moringa, it is my friend's kratom

I don't know what kratom is but it looks pretty much like moringa. Also I said moringa because it is written there in your photo. In your last two photos, it says CAUTION - Direct, processed and ground moringa oleyfera powder. You may want to read it in your photos @ssatria743 :)

it's not a Moringa, but it's Kratom powder, I make it on the shipping label in the name of Moringa, so that the Kratom powder passes perfectly into some countries
Thank @happyfree

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