Differences between employees and businessmen

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Please notice the difference in their following.

The difference between (1)

  • give investors confidence in themselves cigarettes.
    The staff were abandoned because of fear.

(2) the difference
Businessmen - often seen as the future.
The staff is not able to go away from the past.

(3) the difference
Businessmen - at the height of eagles flying over the opportunity.

  • Children staff chickens earth paws search for food.
    The difference (4)
  • are wealthy businessmen.
    They are looking to get money - staff.

(5) the difference

  • said the businessman. "They see my responsibility."
    Staff said. "But I do not it's my mistake."

(6) the difference
Investors see a good season. If you are not wrong.
His staff has been praised. But after a few governors repair.

(7) the difference
Know - just a few of many businessmen.
They know a lot of low-staff. Expert, specialist, themselves, are proud.

Gap (8)

  • the business problem they see opportunity.
  • the staff an opportunity because they see the problem.

Gap (9)

  • business failure is to try to take lessons.
    The failure of the staff did not try to discourage

Gap (10)

The quality of the business rather than to enjoy the entertainment they are always improving.
The staff are a lot of time to improve their quality entertainment.

My Comment'd like to fill.
"Staff of business, so let's try to become a psychological'm sure his life will be greatly improved."

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