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In an interview in the workplace convenient to know your league.

(1) preparation

Your interview will do so with a business or organization. Or friends on the internet, swung I learn through relatives. Why is not the topic of what I want to do is be prepared in advance.

And (2) are arrayed in neat

0 important, whether dressed in western clothes Whether Myanmar´dressing should wear neat and. (Eg shirts, belt style pants, wearing a white shirt is being put together with cloths)

(3) your skills, Add capacity and experience

You can apply to participate in a business or organization How is prepared to talk about. Your skills, Performance and talent to talk about experiences and talk about how best to do the job.

(4) to ask questions related to your Pineapples

The employer is not enough for an interview. You think that you want to know more about the position and apply for this position really bite, Do not bite should ask relevant questions I know.
(5) documents related to the interview, Take evidence

For example, a copy of your CV Graduation, Diploma, Certificate Evidence to prove that you have previous experience working with those who support the contact address and phone numbers will be prepared and take it with you.

(6) after the time of the interview

This is the most important factor. In an interview workplace 0 before running late, you give up a lot of points to go to a place where he could interview the next time, When a car crash, Time to traffic light should be installed early in the analysis.

(7) Do not fear horror

What should the employer, false, false, false, will not make a mistake. You should be in a relaxed mood and Continental.
(8) say your business skills and work experiences

Your business skills, capacity, Work is important to tell the truth about the experience positive. Hack out a new story to tell. You can learn interview indicator.

(9) on Facebook and other social websites with a lot of post

Many employers will now appoint staff to collect information about the search using the social Web remember. Be careful with his post.

(10) with the job of keeping morale

Remember, it is just like many other people. Why is this position attributed Rebuilding feedback comment. This is a good experience to the tasks that would take to prepare for a similar error reach on.
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