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RE: Huge eSteem iOS 2.2 update now available to Apple users

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Would you please consider not stacking large purchased votes on these. I understand it is for visibility but with #NewSteem you are not competing for visibility against a page full of nonsense bought votes so it isn't necessary. You'll almost certainly get enough organic votes to show up here without buying, or maybe just buy a little for initial exposure and let organic votes do the rest?


Of course, thanks for comment.

I dunno it’s a pretty terrible front end

Really? I've never heard bad things about it. What are your complaints?

Well it's woefully buggy, the layout is heinous, it's completely non intuitive, trash buttons are next to where the cursor has to be to work on posts, I gave a laundry list of constructive criticism but was told most of my issues were resolved by an update, only one was, because that bug made it impossible to do anything without getting a "post deleted" message.

My issues could possibly be seen as preferences but many agree with me that it's just very poorly designed and seems rushed out, they brag about being around since 2016. This reality makes it worse. Recently I was unable to do anything due to "no posting authority" conveniently they wish to deflect to the HFs thats fine except I tried multiple updates they released and none allowed me to use the front end.. The notifications were down for a week and overall it's just below average compared to partiko which I've been critical of since the disappearance. The fact remains it's still the smoothest mobile front end by far despite not being current.

The lack of mobile design first initiatives here boggle the mind and this attempt by esteem to capitalize on a monopoly would be great if their product was decent. I can copy n paste a dozen bad reviews if they'd like

Look it's business and taking 10% without my consent to use a dapp that leaves much to be desired is ridiculous ! I couldn't even post an image or comment on a post I made and this was pre HFs so their excuses, poor product, and now this absurd attempt to promote this garbage has sealed the deal for me.. As a mobile only user I would love a decent current front end but that's too much to ask apparently..

People are only saying its great because they're desperately seeking the 30 cent upvote. People will shill any and everything here for pennies.. Very old steem!

I say good day!

Thank you.

No problem, I've seen and appreciated your presence here on steem lately.. I really don't wish to bad mouth anyone here especially devs but I can't accept that a newb might discover this mobile app and only get 30% for their content and think that this is the best most current mobile option without roasting them a bit.. They seem like nice enough folks but from a dollars and cents perspective we should all demand better products and services..

Thanks for pointing out issues and we are addressing them as fast as we can. There was pin code related bug when devs implemented disabling pin code feature, they overlooked some edge cases and we have fixed it with 2.2.1 update, other bugs are being worked on as well and we will roll out updates.