Early Christmas Presents🎄🎊❄☃🎁

in #esteem3 years ago


I know I have very absent lately but i got a new job and life happened so I'm here this time to post my Christmas Presents I got them all pretty early I know I should have wait but they were already in the mail and I need to read during holidays while I'm not working so here I am with my beautiful stack of books. Damn I can't stop watching them all they are so beautiful. AND my shelves already are full and I need more space in my room but who cares. They are not such things as too many books so I ordered a couple of this online in Amazon and bookdepository and the others were gifted to me by a few friends in other countries. How wonderful is to have friends all around the world with the same interest as you Right?anyway hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Here's another picture of the packages as they arrived in my home lol rl26bt13mr.jpg

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