BulletJournal - Spread pages 🎞🎬📖✒📎

in #esteem3 years ago (edited)

Hello, it has been 2 weerks since ive been here and apparently the new app is different and I'm kind of confused. A little bit. But I'm trying to get use to it so here it is a new post. I actually love doing this so called bullet journal spread pages. Like it has been a way to be creative and to put my thoughts into words which is actually a great way to express yourself in a way that I can't do it with another person. So yeah I am really in love with doing this. I've been watching a lot of these bujos on instagram I'm taking some of them for inspiration. Anyway I hope you guys like this new one. I cut the second one because it is very personal. And way too much to share. So anyway have a great day and upvote this pls. Love y'all


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