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RE: Huge eSteem iOS 2.2 update now available to Apple users

in #esteem7 months ago (edited)

Kind of lost faith with my droid experience last week that was abysmal... I still can't use your dapp no posting key to do anything and somehow you cranked out a version update for apple? You say iOS so is that phone specific as iPad runs on its own dedicated system now.

I might give it a try I don't know, you really let me down. Now you've boosted the living shit out your post so I have to flag you on principle alone.. Out of touch and a sub par experience and design that doesn't feel like its designed for mobile or by avid steem users..

Why bid bot abuse though? Seriously?!?

Edited, I downloaded the new update for droid and still couldnt flag your post so I promptly deleted the app.. Also it's audacious you don't give an option to make your inferior poorly developed dapp a beneficiary.. I'm not writing y'all off totally but I'm saying as of today esteem is a joke and I'm not laughing..


I hope you realize, Steem had multiple Hardforks last week so some of those experiences wasn't foreign, it was experienced by all users. And we are constantly pushing fixes since last week release to all Android users, why didn't you report your issues, simple comment would be sufficient. We have downvote functionality, click on vote button and you will see slider and downvote button there. We are happy to work on improvements as we usually do, so let us know if you have real feedback.

Lol, I gave feedback in your discord and was told the updates had resolved most of my issues. Nope! I also left many comments in discord letting it be known your app is not giving me posting authority. No need to get pissy or condescending, my feedback is your app isn't very good and I'm not sure you know that many others feel the same way.. I'm using an app that's not up to code and and app that isn't built for mobile because they're many times better than your very poor low quality front end. I left a laundry list on your discord and also was blunt about how If you can't step up as the only mobile dapp I'd be very vocal about your failings.

I was nice about it at first but now that you have gone the dickhead route I will give it right back.. Your app sucks!