Fate goes to his rules ... He does not understand feelings ... does not care about feelings

in esteem •  last year 

"How many people are good ... I like seeing someone's face, it feels good to see somebody's work, likes to listen to someone ... there is no end to be good!
Whenever it is wrong, then only think about associating it with your life, based on this 'good luck' !!
The one who likes it may not be like me ... maybe I do not have anything to do with her ... maybe she does not like her asshole ... The bright red lipstick that I imagined in her lips, the red color might be her Dislike ... that blue-colored Punjabi feels like it, I may not have any blue-colored Punjabi!
I like the noise, likes his silence ... the dust of his house keeps on growing my favorite book ... It is very quiet that man likes me like a kind of trickling man ... Maybe he likes me too ... But in the end, he I do not understand ... I do not understand him ... not at all!
Do you want to remove her hair from her fingers or to find Maya in the eye of her eyes or to keep her hand in her hand and forget her heartbeat?
In the end, for hundreds of thousands of discrepancies, no one can understand these conflicts, these feelings, the feelings of losing their feelings ... forced to lose !!
Sometimes people can not be better with the likes of ... love and happiness are standing in the middle of the wall of discrepancy !!
There is no blame on love ... False fate might be ... destiny walks in his rules ... he does not understand feelings ... does not care about feelings

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