It's fun, just sentence

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When I said that before, that thought I
will not lose the next, I think for you
What do you want to say, what do you want to say after the speech, what you
are saying, all the different, there is no chance to find the formula.
Do not accept it , do not accept it, and do not accept it , and you lose it
What do you want to say!
I want to talk face to face with thoughts and thoughts, saying everything is so
It is fun, just sentence, the person
who knows the face, who knows who is fun! Who gets punishment! They are the ones who listen
Sleeping at the end of the nineteenth, sleeping, call calls
, many more than your words, but there is no sound in the ears.
You must speak, say, talk with the words
, if you are silent, the silence, the premature death of all thoughts.
By preaching, teaching, teaching and speaking of words, is the
true servant of disagreement as a weapon and weapon.
Not important, like that, who can tell you!
That is not to say, if you do not understand it, then it is twelve
Soft soft spoken
words can be emotional, but in the words, the reasoning is the argument, the reason is mine.
You will listen to me as much as you say,
but I tell you, think before you say it.
Let me miss you, or you are like that!
Do not want to give sorrow to you, why do you summon the talk!
It's fun, just sentence

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