Share love for the right person

in esteem •  4 months ago

Having someone who makes me happy is a dream for every man, because women who always support their male partners can rarely be found today.

Tonight I want to share happiness in steemit, you know if men are generally easily attracted to any woman especially women who wear fitting pants, fitting clothes, and also use wire teeth, for me it's not an interest in my heart because I put more importance on heart rather than lust alone. ![image]() ![image]()
Right now I have found someone who has made me happy, even though he does not have a very beautiful appearance but his heart is very soft, and also he is not as white as milk but he has a sweet smile. Loving her is the reason I keep maintaining our relationship to this day, initially knowing her just to be friends, and everything changed to a feeling of love when our chat continued, day after day we passed together sometimes one day there was no news for how a year had separated from her. ![image]() ![image]()
Now that he comes at the right time until our story continues to be married to the marriage level, pray for us to be happy with all of you, hopefully our relationship can continue to a lasting marriage. thank you That is all from me @shifaadi
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