Landing gear is 18 kilometers away from the aircraft!

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The jet crashed in Kathmandu in symbol to 12 March. Photo: Around 18 kilometers away from Reuterskatmandu's Tribhuvan Airport, the zeppelin came all along to just 200 feet above the surface. At the period the zeppelin's landing gear is seen out.

Nepal's daily Kathmandu Post published a marginal note taking into account the video upon Thursday, citing the local It was mentioned in the bank account, the wreck of the videotape crashed into the US-Bangla Airlines.

Kathmandu Post reported that many people dropped deadened the plane in Gagapaddi place just nearly 18 miles from Tribhuvan Airport. The plane was up beyond 200 feet above the surface. At the period, it seemed that the plane was going to crash into the foothills. Passengers at the time saying trees and bushes from the window.

It is heard to concentrate on local residents in the video footage. They said, 'the plane has free its mannerism. Flying is up. It's an jet company? It seems to be additional. "The video shows that the landing gear is out of the airplane. Generally landing gear is taken out behind preparing to hover to the zeppelin airfield.

The blimp of the United Arab Emirates, a private jet of Bangladesh, crashed at Trivuban International Airport roughly speaking Monday. On that daylight, the blimp traveled from Dhaka to Nepal behind 71 riders. 51 of them were killed.