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Have you looked for ways to get more upvotes?
Tired of writing posts that people do not read?

These tips may help you out:

The best way I have found to get some upvotes on the posts you make is to use the mobile application eSteem to post. Usually this gives 15 upvotes pretty much right off the bat.

Another one that might be a little more guesswork is that posts that is set as 100% powerup seems to be more susceptible to get upvotes.

Hope this helps in your journey here at steemit.
Steem on!


I found your article on my pc ,but unable to locate it on esteem but I can tell you esteem is cool. little problem: it crashes like crazy.
Let's hope @good-Karma fix it in due time
Keep on steemit!!!

That is true.
On my S7 it never crashes btw, which is why I love it so much :)

The reviews on eSteem and eSteemit are very bad. You are the only one recommend use eSteem. I am going to try and let you know.

Why using esteem gives more votes? Because of the tag?

I do not know why. I know that it does. Likely to help the users grow :)

Thanks for those tips, I hope it will help :)

I am certain they will help in some regard :)

Thanks for the tip I will be trying today :

Thanks for the tips, I can only pull 3-5 upvotes not matter what I do. And I pour my heart into my blog posts

Interesting you probably get more upvotes when using esteem because they take a cut of your earnings. If they don't upvote your post then they don't get anything from a zero. Just my thoughts of course.

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