in esteem •  4 days ago

bhaalaarar ko aamyarraapyarr naysell hkell aahkyane laathkan shisai mhaawin mite aahtwayhtway pyishu hcawng shout hkyinn dejine aarr hpyint rairwalhkyetshishi hpyitpartaal nhaint kyawanotethoeteat aalwan kyaunggmhar hcanaitmyarr shoet kyawantawthoetrae medeyar myarrhtaat kyawlwan saw hcatekuu hpyitpartaal .

aasopar naat shine saw pyinaal rairwalhkyetshishi aamyarrpyisuu htanmha htain hkyaan htarrpyee kyaungg aahkyetaalaat myarreat sud dh upamar taithkuhpyitsai .

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