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Hello steemians, this is Sandra again from Nigeria, today I want to talk about time management as an architect, I value time, and to me it is very important to learn how to mange our time and practice so as to enhance and improve the overall quality of our life. It can also help increase the amount of pleasure and happiness we derive experience from our day activities.



Time is one of the most valuable things in life because it is something that you can never regain. It also, one of the most important life skills is time management so therefor time management is really the management of life, Learning something for everyone is the goal. But life has to be removed from abduction and great self-discipline.

Mastering time management is more than just increasing productivity, It can also generate significant health benefits. When time is sensibly managed, it minimizes stress and improves the overall quality of your life. If they are often neglected by their daily burdens or overwhelmed by the complexity of projects, and tasks in their life's work, it is likely that you are not completely mastering time management.

Over time you realize that you are late or just in the field of action because you have not done your best in the hope of completing it.
Nothing great ever transcends from haste, The cutting corners will eventually get there, and as always, quality always exceeds quantity.



* Establish the foundation to effectively manage your time.

In order to improve concentration, it is important to have enough time to sleep well, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. If you take the time to develop a healthy lifestyle, you can improve your efficiency throughout the day, giving you more time to do other tasks.

* Identify and rate how you spend your time

When you drive to work, how do you spend your time during your trip? If you take a bus or a train, how do you spend all these hours a week? These are the best moments of your day to integrate all the little things you "wanted" for which you had the time. Over time, these habits become a way of life which you get use to it.

* Say no to nonessential tasks and give priority to those of extreme value.

Consider your goals and review your agenda before you commit to more work. If a task requires a lot of time, but is not essential to the main purpose, pass it on or add it to the bottom of the list.

* Skip time blocks and limit distractions.

Everyone has their jobs to work efficiently, Some people like music in their headphones while others need complete silence. Some people can work so efficiently from the dining table as in the library, Wherever this place is, use it efficiently. Turn off the TV, mute the phone, secure the tablet, and get in complete alignment with the task at hand. Do not respond to texts, do not search the internet.
If you can lead your life in a healthy and organized way and effectively fulfill your daily tasks, stress will be reduced, productivity will increase and overall satisfaction will be manifest.

* Do not hesitate to take a break if necessary.

Everyone is exhausted from time to time, gathering more and more tasks that cause stress that simply derail the mission. Go for a walk, go to the gym, get fresh air, or take the sick day you have. Sometimes we just need a moment of clarity and loneliness to clear our overworked work spirits and charge our bodies to give us the next big boost.

* Conclusion

In summary, Time management is just the concept of balance, time management is a very important skill to learn and master to have a better lifestyle. If you manage the time well, you will not be stressed and your tasks will be done on time and in high quality. The most important things you can put into your life is balance and moderation, become a time manager and have more time for your work, family and private life. Also, consider all the strategies that are very useful for better time management. It is also important to add that sport, because it provides a useful hand for time management, and also allows your body to be in good health and have a better social circle. I hope this post will helped you to better manage your time.
Thanks for reading
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As always, I’m Sandra………… @sandrazeal11

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

It also, one of the most important life skills is time management so therefor time management is really the management of life, Learning something for everyone is the goal.
It should be therefore instead of therefor.