The discovery of Ancient Treasure in Banten Seabed! It is said, State Property That Sinks, Horrified!

in #esteem6 years ago

Geologists, the team of Special Staff of the President and the team of earthquake-tsunami experts managed to find remnants of ancient civilizations in the form of building art estimated an area or kora buried in the seabed in the area Priangan until the southern part of Banten.

The research team believes that buildings in the area are submerged and buried in the seafloor after being hit by mega tsunami waves that occurred in ancient times.

Along with the discovery of this ancient city on the seabed of Indonesia is the speculation of many experts about the existence of civilization and the city of legend, Atlantis, re-emerged. In ancient times, Plato once said that long before he was born there was a very advanced civilization and famous for its beauty was destroyed by natural disasters and drowned to the seabed. Although it does not mention exactly, there are many experts who mean that the area Plato is referring to is Indonesia.

Not only Plato alone, a geologist from Latin America, Arysio Santos and Stephen Oppenheimer, genetic experts from England also argued that the Altantis and human civilization are in a place called Sunda Land or Sunda Island. Unfortunately, the findings of the ancient city is still confidential and unpublished in order that the artifacts and all things around them are not stolen by irresponsible parties.

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