in esteem •  last year  (edited)

In a peace and mute universe
Mega frozen circle combined
Stare darkly at the blue layer
In the sigh bayu

I look at the stroke a long time
The stones are alive in this life
Real outlined self-portrait

The isolated one is silent

The foundation of conscience
Immediately in the dream room
Running for holy
Check the edge of the day
Along with living karma
The shadow
Is there ... Everlasting light

As you walk
In front of my house
Full of style
Suffered my eyes until I was fascinated
Who do you want my heart to know, right away
What is your name, where is your house
I want to get acquainted, Take my regards
Your style and your face Taken in a dream
Myself, intoxicated

The flowering heart,
At first sight
Oh God please,
I love, I love him

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