Yamaha motorcycle prices fall

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Dhaka, May 20, 2018: TVS Auto Bangladesh announces Eid discounts on all models of motorcycles. The name 'TVS Eid festival offer 2018' will be available throughout the month of Ramadan. Under this offer, the TVS will be available for up to 15 thousand taka per motorcycle.

TVS Autos said in a news release that all models of motorcycles are available under the Eid offer.

The offer will continue until Eid till the stock.

Under this offer, the TVS RTR 160 Dual disc model bike has reduced from 1, 86 thousand 900 taka to 1.79 lakh and 900 taka. The same model has sold a single disc version of 7 thousand taka. It is now sold at Tk 1.70 lakh 900. The price of the same model is less than 1 lakh 57 thousand 900 taka.

The popular model of the TVS 125 cc Styker is now getting less than 7 thousand taka.

Commuter segment's Metro Plus disc brake version is now priced at Tk.1,16,000. The previous price was 1 lakh 29 thousand taka. The same model drum brake version is available at 1 lakh 12 thousand taka. Its price decreased to 6 thousand taka.

TVS's popular and lowest priced bike metro prices have come down The Metro Starter version has reduced from 96,000 taka to Tk. 1,4,400. The Metro Kick Starts version is available only at Tk 89 thousand 900. Its previous price was 95 thousand 900 taka.

Also TVS's XL100 model bike price has been reduced. The price of the bike decreased from 59 thousand 900 rupees to 56 thousand 900

The changed price will be available to all the showrooms and dealers of TVS till Eid. image

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